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Manufacture and Supply the superb quality Strainers with latest and advanced features. Our company offers a comprehensive Strainers range of Y Type Strainers, Ductile Iron Y Strainer, Foot Valve With Strainer, Y Strainers, Duplex Type Strainers, Tee Type Strainers, Hot Liquid Y Strainer, Multi Basket Trainers, Duplex Basket Strainer and Conical Strainers. We incepted of experience in developing excellent quality Pipeline Strainers, which are available at affordable prices. Our proficient professionals possess expertise in the field of Strainers manufacturing industry.

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Ductile Iron Y Strainer 5012-
Features & Option:

  Flat Seated Screen for Proper Seating
  Easy cleaning or replacing the element.
  Compact size and Low weight
  Low Pressure drop across the filter.
  With Drain Arrangement on request
  Adequate strength of element and housing
  Protect expensive Pumps. Meters Heat Exchangers, Valve, Spray Nozzle, Regulators etc.
  Remove foreign particles, lumps, debris
  Interchangeability of component with another of same type.
8  Wire mesh from 2 mesh to 200 mesh (up to 80 micron)
Size 50mm to 400 mm
Specification General manufacturing standard, G& K
Application Water, oil etc.
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